Assemble & Play – Toy kits

Our mission is to stimulate creative play for which we develop toys and assembly kits that cross boarders. Simple car-kits that shape spatial object from flat elements, plywood light kits that introduce soldering and electric elements, or simple kits building on Arduino, playfully introducing programming.

Toy-car (kit) – To assemble

Select from a growing collection of cars, including the Citroën DS, Porsche Spyder, Ferrari GT250, Plymouth Hemi-Cuda, Porsche 911, Volvo Amazon, Alfa Romeo Spider, and more.

Porsche 817 Volvo AmazonPlymouth Hemi-Cuda
MAN TruckSwiss Postbus

An intriguing 25-Piece toy-car to assemble

Plywood toy-cars to assemble, wrapped in cardboard packaging, including all mounting elements (bolts, nits, washers, and clear illustrated instructions (see example-instruction here).

LED-Lamp (kit) – To assemble

LED based lamps to assemble. All components included and clear illustrated instructions. Some soldering required. Contact us for more information

…. all packed in recycled cardboard

All our assembly kits are packed in recycled cardboard, cut out to ensure all components perfectly fit and are presented in a organised way.

Kits are found on Etsy. If you do not find what you are looking for, or have any other question: contact me.